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summer girl

sweet morning song,

from my red rocking chair.

sun peeking through the trees.

fresh black coffee

in my brown bare feet.

clothed in the gentlest breeze.

i feel the weight leave my body

the worry drifts away.

it's just me and her

my deer inner child

and she is eager to play.

we'll run and jump

into water emerald green

cool silk as i slip deeply down.

liberated and weightless.


without a sound.

all is peace.

a smile beneath

the surface of worldly care.

swimming up to fill my lungs.

taste the cleanest of mountain air.

the days are long

and the sun is strong

from behind fluffy white.

floating beauty

time stand still.

let us linger in your light.

happy heart.

rested bones.

i'm soft in summer's arms.

nowhere else i need to be.

these golden days

under healing rays.

setting the little girl in me free.

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