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It's about showing up to your life on your terms, unapologetically.  It's about what inspires you everyday to elevate your frequency.  It's about throwing the rules out the window, and believing it will all work out regardless.  It's about falling in love.  It's about falling in love with yourself first.  It's about rediscovering and thus honoring your truth.  It's about dressing up for your damn self.  It's about feeling beautiful when no one else is around to notice.  It is about adventure, and finding it in the everyday.  It's about travel.  It's about traveling alone.   It is about finding out who you are somewhere else, surrounded by strangers.  It is about choosing to live out loud authentically.  It's about expansion.   It is about lipstick on a rainy day, vintage clothes and coffee shops, foreign cities, and culture over comfort. It is about romance.  For me it is about all of this - to live life, as art, unconventional.

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