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About Me

Who is Coco?

I grew up in the heart of Indiana, under wide open skies, among fields that went on forever.  I was a small town girl with big city dreams.  At 19, I left college and lived throughout Europe and Asia before settling down in New York City.  I spent ten years in NYC, living and loving and struggling and thriving.  I've been a model for over 15 years now, and have held countless other job titles throughout.  I am currently a Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, a private and public yoga teacher, and a barre method instructor.  I began Be Well By Coco, my wellness practice, in 2015.  In 2017, I moved to idyllic Portland, Maine, and lived on the beautifully historic Deering Street (quite cosmically, as the deer is my beloved spirit animal) where DSD was born.  After one magical year there, I decided to give Los Angeles a go.  I currently call the City of Angels, home.  

 I created Deering Street Diaries to provide a home for all of my passions.  Thus my love of storytelling and photography, beauty and style, health and wellness, the beguiling science of relationships, and perhaps above all, my insatiable hunger for travel, can all happily live under one roof.  I am a life-enthusiast, a dreamer, a romantic.  I believe in finding beauty in the everyday. I aspire to inspire.  I want Deering Street Diaries to reflect the many, ever-changing incarnations of self and environment.  I want it to be a source of empowerment, growth, and  connection.  Welcome.


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