Deer Readers,

I want to be fully transparent as a lifestyle blogger.  Some posts will contain affiliate links.  These are links to pages of where one could purchase linked product or service.  If one should decide to purchase, I will receive a commission.  I do want to emphasize this:  I, by no means, will act on behalf of a merchant based upon my making a dollar.  Rest assured that anything that I promote on my website is something that I truly believe in - a product or service that I honestly feel can enhance a lifestyle, or improve a condition, or just plain make things better for my readership, based upon the fact that it did so for me.  I do not promote anything that I have not tried and tested myself.  I will always do my best to endorse products accurately and with all of the knowledge I have gathered through my investigation, but always encourage people to perform their own as well.  

You mustn't live so lightly,

Spin your stories, tell your tales,

Let them dance across the oceans

And set the wind upon your sails.

For every truth found on your travels

And in the pits of your despair,

Is a shout into forever

Of "I existed, and I cared."

~ Erin Hanson

Los Angeles, CA

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