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Deer Diary, Yesterday I Ate Glass

Deer Diary,

Yesterday was quite possibly one of the worst days I've had in a long time. It wasn't that one terrible thing happened, it was one negative event after another the entire day. As soon as I woke up, my 16 yr old Pomeranian, Mr. Jones, peed the bed (a rarity, but it happens the older he gets). I put him down and he demanded breakfast. I stripped the bed, er air mattress (yes, I've been sleeping on one for 3 months now, but really its lovely) , fed his Highness, and took the bedding down to be laundered in the basement of my building where the washing machine app charged me twice for one load. I returned to my apartment and checked my phone which had a notification that read someone had hacked into my accounts and I needed to download a security app immediately. This sounded plausible to my gullible tech unsavvy brain, so I did. (I know, I know!) . Then my laptop popped up with a notification that someone in Toronto was trying to log in using my password. I pressed "don't allow," but when I went to change my password, my old password wasn't working, so I called Apple Support. She led me through the steps to fix the situation, advised me to wipe my cell phone history clean, and get rid of the "security" app that was most definitely not from Apple. The Apple Support Team must roll their eyes a million times a day right?

So that was my morning. I decided it was time to put food in my apartment so off to Whole Foods I walked. People who know me know that I struggle with the WF's situation, and grocery stores in general give me anxiety and I will wait until I'm on my last calorie and have been eating popcorn for dinner for a week sometimes before I make a trip. This one went well. I bought all of the extras I've denied myself since relocating to LA and not securing a steady flow of income, things like tea and preserves. I called my mom on my walk home from the store as I usually do to tell someone of my success, but this time I was telling her how this day has been trouble. As I was unloading my b