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There are monsters among us

they look like you and me

you might gaze into their eyes

but it's distance that you'll see.

The crimes they've committed

against a heart of gold

must be told,

because they're getting away with it.

They'll say all the right things

but never the truth.

You won't hear them confess

to the mess they've made.

They'll walk around town

and there won't be a trace

of the cement thick bullshit

they'd spoken to your face.

Time after time after time.


and sterilizing

they get away with murder.

Like a switch they can turn it off.

Lock it away in the dark recesses of their mind,

a secret

you'll never find.

These criminals keep it hidden

forbidden files

buried deep in the blackest part

of their unreachable heart.

They'll go about their business

as though they didn't suck you into their sickness

over and over and over again

ensuring that your heart never opens,

never mends.

They'll take trips, crack jokes, talk about loving their jobs.

But the part about putting another living, breathing,

loving soul through a fiery hell --

that, they'll never tell.

Yeah they'll look at you through their far off eyes

and lies

and convince you

that they're good.

Meanwhile they've stashed the body

in the basement of their brain

lying crying stripped of all its gold

and cold, lifeless, and alone.

You'll never know of that light that once shone.

They may wear a suit

appear to be cute

and you might fall under their spell.

But its no fault of yours

you didn't know behind doors

that there were guts on the floors.

They'll slice you to pieces

for as long as allowed

and even if you break free

you'll never see

the way you once did

when you were clean.

So watch out for these killers

they don't like to work on their own.

They'll grab whomever is around

to make sure that they too drown

under the weight of a heart

turned to stone.

They'll laugh and smile

and this will go on for awhile

til their illness comes for them again.

I am letting you know

so that you don't go

to the abyss

that I have been.

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