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Angels & Thieves; Barcelona

I left Agadir, Morocco in the dark during the wee hours of the morning. I had been there for two weeks studying Yin yoga and Myofascial release. It had been quite a transformational journey inward. A lot got exposed and processed. Maybe I'll tell that story someday, but for now I'd like to keep it to myself.

I arrived in Barcelona around 10am, took a taxi to my airbnb, which was in the El Borne region, met my host, a sweet young mother, Viviana, and her 8yr old daughter. Viviana's boyfriend also stayed with them but I wouldn't meet him until later. Immediately I went out to explore, as I had never been to Barcelona before, and I was ecstatic to be there. I did what I always did, just wandered. No agenda, just saw what I saw and spent the entire day until sundown doing so. I made it back to El Borne to stop in at a wine bar (naturally), ate tapas and had a glass. It had been a very full day of falling madly in love. It was one of the most beautiful city's I had ever seen. I walked closer to my place and stopped in at another quaint and cozy spot for a night cap. Once back to my room I met Viviana's lovely boyfriend, Alvaro, then shut my door to rest. I fell sweetly to sleep to the sound of my host being serenaded by her man. He played guitar and sang in Spanish, as I lie, with tears in my closed eyes at the beauty of it.

The next morning I awoke early to