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Back Story; How a Bumble Date Saved My Life

I met him at a cafe in Larchmont. He didn't look a thing like his photo, but do they ever? Yes, they do, they did - once. Anyway, the hour and a half was devoid of spark, but this guy was not sent to me for romance, this angel was sent to deliver the message I had been desperately awaiting for the last three years. We were both runners. Like all runners we enjoy talking about pain. When I mentioned to him my chronic low back issues, he spoke of a doctor, who's book I had to read, and the name of the documentary that I had to watch. I was so distracted by how much I wanted to be doing something else that I nearly let it slip my brain, but just before it did, I pretended to be listening while committing the info to memory. As soon as I got into my car, relieved, I put it all in my phone. Now, I will never see that guy again, but I will owe him for the rest of my life, because I did read that book, and I'll tell you that this blog is the most important story that I have ever written, and it means everything to me to share it.

The pain started in 2016, my last year in New York City. I was in and out of a train wreck of a relationship, the kind where you never feel safe - where even on a good day or a good stretch of days, deep down you are well aware that it is only a matter of time before the next knockdown. It had been four years full of that kind of carnage. I was living on my own, working three jobs, unsure of everything, and spending periods of time willingly re-subjecting myself to the torture, the mind games, the mind f**ks, sleepless nights, and daily emotional hangovers. I was so mad (mostly at myself), so consumed by anger and anxiety, but I had no time for it - I had to live, I had to survive living alone in New York - had to pay the rent, had to keep smiling and book the modeling jobs, had to show up in proper form to teach the fitness classes, had to meet the real estate clients in my right mind. The last thing I needed was this back pain! WTF, I was a yogi, an athlete, I took very good physical care of myself. I wasn't THAT old, but man did I start to feel it. It felt as though someone was comp