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Skin Deep; Hope for Hyperpigmentation

When I tell people my age, they gasp. My neighbor on Deering Street once told me, after I had confessed that I was 37, that I should both start and end every conversation with that fact. Cute. It's true, I am now 38, and proud of it. A few factors contribute. I have a youthful spirit and navigate the world with childlike wonder. My astrologist informed me that my soul is new to this realm, that my origin is elsewhere (which makes total sense). I carry a much lighter cosmic load. I also lead a (mostly) healthy, active lifestyle that keeps me fit, but the MVP for the under-aging most likely has a lot to do with my skin. My skincare game is strong and has been since I was 19. It is and has always been a 5-step process each morning and each night. I pour over research determined to find the best thing out there at a price I can afford, which has fluctuated over the years, but skin has always been my top priority. I would often joke with my dermatologist in New York that my skin was sure to glow from the tent I would soon call home...

This all being said, I have been battling Melasma for a good part of ten years now. I probably know more about this condition than most aestheticians, because in my relentless pursuit of perfect skin, I have studied the subject thoroughly, inside and out - an uncertified expert. Really, you can ask me anything about any product, ingredient, lifestyle practice, supplement, herbal remedy, laser, peel, micro-needle, and I'm willing to put money on the fact that I have some light to shed. The bottom line is is that if you have Melasma or Hyperpigmentation, you are most likely always going to have it, and it is about keeping it at bay, and doing a darn good job of hiding it, of which I am also a master.

I've gone the hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, route with great success, and then it stopped working and things got worse. So I took myself off and things really got worse, but I have recently witnessed a miracle, and must share.