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Bronze Goddess

Last week the midwest was blasted with a polar vortex, while I was applying self-tanner like a boss and feeling all kinds of sun-kissed. Even if I do live in Los Angeles, I rarely get to the beach, and it did rain for five days straight, which I loved, so it was nice to see color return to my skin - really nice actually, and so I decided it was time to share my secrets. The following is what I use to fake like I've been on a beach holiday / lead a sun drenched life, because I don't, I actually loathe the sun - remember the Hyperpigmentation struggle?

For the body, hands down I've never found anything better than *St. Tropez's Bronzing Lotion. It doesn't smell badly, dries quickly, and doesn't rub off onto your clothes. It is easy to apply, doesn't leave you a streaky mess, and the color is super natural looking, but also rich and deep. It is 100% natural (according to the label). You won't need to re-apply for at least a week as the color does last even after a shower, I just wouldn't do any major exfoliating right after application. Which brings me to the pre-tan process. Exfoliate! Use a dry brush or glove, or whatever is your favorite dead skin remover of choice and go at it. I then like to apply a sugar scrub gently before getting into the shower. I mean the best and my most coveted favorite is Fresh's, but it's pricey so another version would probably do. Just be easy especially after the dry brush. If you have sensitive skin (I do not) then choose just one technique. After the shower, dry off, apply moisturizer to elbows, knees, ankles and feet, then the tanner. I like to work from the bottom up. I know some places on the back are tricky (less you got someone around to help - good for you :), but thats just the way it is, I don't really sweat it, and do my best. I've got open-ish shoulders which help, but put the tanner on the back of my palms to reach the middle of my back. I guess get to some yoga classes now that way you will be all ready to self-tan by spring? St. Tropez does make a mist if you prefer, I like the lotion because I can see where it's going. After you've applied wash those hands ASAP! I then apply a dab on the back of my hands and rub the backs together so I don't have what looks like white gloves on once the color has set in. Wait until dry before dressing and at least 4 hours before getting into water.

For my face, I really achieve the look with makeup. It is my everyday face. It's natural and low-key. I appear healthy and - happy. If amped up a bit, one could really look bronzed beach goddess, but I save that for summer. It is more for matching my body which is usually two to three shades darker than my face as I am serious about facial protection and am rarely caught without a hat. My faves for the base are RMS Uncover Up. I'm shade 33, but in the summer I'll boost it to 44 to match up with my lower half. I also love the Buriti Bronzer they make. Their products have a coconut oil base so they are super hydrating. If you have oily skin they may be too much, but if over the age of 35, this is a good thing - especially in dryer climates. I apply these two gems with their proper brushes. The skin2skin foundation brush and the skin2skin blush brush. Something I often skip, but with these I feel like they are tools one needs to get it right. Artist's paint brushes. I apply the bronzer everywhere the sun hits - my cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead and chin, and then on my eyelids. It's so pretty. It truly is like trapping the sun beneath your skin so that it now shines outward at the world. If it all feels too shiny at the end, a brush of loose powder will take care.

The finale and my very favorite thing ever created is highlighter. I apply to the cheekbones and brow bones, the inner corner of the eyes, down the nose, and on the cupid's bow. Just pat it into the skin no need to go crazy - especially if using RMS, because those products will already leave you pretty glowy. When I need a little extra happy sauce I dab Clinique's Chubby Stick in Robust Rhubarb on the apples of my cheeks and eyelids.

Magic! You are a bronze super goddess! We all know that the sun isn't great for us to bake in, so this is a way to bypass cancer rays but still look beachy. One doesn't have to buy a ticket to St. Tropez, although that is never a bad idea, all you need is a little help from your fake friends! To view the coordinating You Tube click here. I go through the steps plus talk about a few extras I keep in the arsenal. And for a look at all of my beauty faves organized in cute little kits visit my kit page!

I hope wherever you find yourself you are as happy and healthy as you now look!

Love and sunlight to you,


“She’s like sunshine that’s unconcerned that today is supposed to be rain. She’ll break on through and shine down anyway” ~ JmStorm

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