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Deer Diary, I've Fallen In Love

Next week will be ten months in Los Angeles. I find myself emotional. Last week I had finally gotten all of the things done in preparation to go to the DMV to apply for my California driver's license and registration. I switched my auto insurance, got the smog check, gathered required materials, researched LA and surrounding areas' DMVs and time frames to go so as to not have a soul crushing experience. I went to the Santa Monica branch and two hours, $300, a passed written exam while sweating profusely, and another car inspection later I had Cali plates in my hand. I went straight to the Honda dealership to get them mounted. As I held my Indiana plate in my hands, tears began to well in my eyes as I whispered, "You've come a long way, lady." I recounted how miserable, how badly I had wanted to turn around and drive straight back into the arms of my family and friends who truly knew me, who felt real to my heart, but how I hadn't - how I'd chosen to stay, to try, to commit, and how happy I was now to be - here.

In the last few weeks I had finally settled into co-creating with the Universe, surrendering to its masterful plan for me rather than my own. Doors have begun to open. As soon as I set the intention, LA started dealing the cards. Under the pressure of hitting financial rock bottom, I got clear on what it was I came to do. After spending 24 hours breaking down, deep in despair of spending what I had worked so hard to save for so long, I picked myself up and made a plan. I spoke with the people I knew could guide me back to the light, ordered the books, and took control of the situation, and now feel confident that the reconstruction is firmly under way. After a barre class I taught, I let my class know of my You Tube channel launch / my efforts in expanding my online presence (something I don't often do) and after, a student approached me with an offering to help. We soon had a coffee, and last night I attended her IG growth party.

In the Uber on the way home from the party I realized something as we drove through downtown Los Angeles. I w