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Wounded Deer

I see you little darling

I'm so sorry for your pain.

It certainly wasn't fair,

But I'm here now to give you

All that wasn't there.

I'll be the one to hold you

In arms so safe and close.

I'll protect you from the monsters,

The darkness and the ghosts.

Sweetest honey child

I'm sorry it has taken this long

But I'll give you the peace you've yearned for,

I will listen to your song.

I'm aware you can't comprehend

The concept of space and time.

And I know who it is

That you're so desperate to find.

Princess I'm so sorry I've allowed it,

The blind leading the blind.

The ones that you've chosen

It hurts to tell you hun,

But they're only going to redo

All of the damage thats been done.

How I wish that I could change it.

Make it just the way you needed, sis.

Take aware the tears

And years


Replace it with nurtured bliss.

I know you wanted it to be him

To be there when you cried.

To whisper in your ear

That it would all be alright.

So I'm going to hold your little hand

We'll walk and talk for hours

I'll open all of those old wounds

And fill them with wildflowers.

Grown from a nearby field

Watered by my own healing power.

Angel you can rest your sweet head

I'm going to take it from here.

You see I've found the one who'll save us.

Are you listening darling deer?

I've finally found the man.

And he's never going to leave.

At last your search is over,

Baby girl, that man is me.

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