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Isolationship; A Socially Distant Romance

Just like in a relationship, when one stops listening to the other, starts taking advantage, neglecting, disrespecting, taking for granted, the Earth has had enough. She is taking a break from us. And we have nothing to do but honor her wishes if we ever want to go back to work, hug our loved ones, attend an event - survive. It has come to this

The deerbird spirit will find the opportunity within the pause. She will seek the deeper meaning behind such a tremendous call for isolation. A time for self-reflection. Looking back at what led to this, she will use the window of time to decide what needs changing. This social distance may find her with a partner, or with children, with both, or alone. Regardless of her environment, she will secure time to re-evaluate, ponder relationships past and present, become more aware of her role in their failures, their successes. She'll make time to write about the state of her heart. She will take walks, keeping her distance, down once busy streets or deep in the woods. She'll sit at a window or on her front porch and listen to the sweet sounds of spring's arrival. She will take time to truly connect to her partner, her babies, her sisters and brothers, her mother, perhaps even her father. She will allow rest, finally. If she is alone in her isolation, she will celebrate her solitude, pour herself a whiskey or a wine and listen, or talk, but mostly listen. She will feel the stillness, embrace it, spend time in empty rooms full of thought and wait for the answers to long held questions. She'll cook herself dinners, dance to music in her kitchen. She will speak to her best friend on the phone for hours, under moonlit nights or city lights. Together they will dig deep into the reason the Universe broke up with us. They will strategize upon how to get her back, and what k