make me the monster

in your mind.

i will play the part.

spin your story,

the one to bring you glory.

i know the love in my heart.

paint me the villain

upon your canvas.

i won't get in the way.

tell your tale,

the one where i fail,

if that gets you through the day.

cast me as a criminal, baby

i can take it.

report of my mortal sin.

stand on your stage

deliver lines from your page.

i won't apologize again.

ladies and gentlemen

i'm taking a bow,

a beastly acceptance of fate.

tis better for him to hold onto this,

for the hour is getting late.

a perfect man

he did no wrong,

never a mistake made.

the audience will see,

the victim was he,

and she a wretched downgrade.

make me your monster, darling,

and sleep soundly through the night.

sweetest dreams of my theft,

i'm exiting stage left.

out of love,

out of fight.